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Monday 30 April 2018

Michael Byrne – Thames Marathon Charity Swim

He did it!

Thanks to all your support we got there, topped £25k and beat the 4-hour target, 3:54:20.

Thank you, your generosity will make a massive difference to the life of a child and their family.




Update from Michael Byrne 01/08/18:

Current total £23,707. Thank you all for your amazing generosity. The money raised will make a huge difference to the lives of those benefitting.

4 days to the Thames Marathon..............

Completed the Dock2Dock 10km on Saturday in 3:42:51, tough swim. Going to need some rain to give the river some flow to have any chance of beating 4 hours for 14km.


Update from Michael Byrne 23/07/18:

Current total raised, £21,447, thank you so much!

Last long training swim yesterday, 9km in just over 3 hours. Enjoyed replacing the lost calories afterwards.

6 days until the next race, 10km in Royal Victoria Dock. 13 days until the 14km Henley to Marlow.


Update from Michael Byrne 28/06/18:

Target reached, currently £13,122. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am feeling proud and humbled by the response and generosity you have shown towards this incredible charity. Your donations will make a huge difference to the children, and their families, who will benefit from your kindness. However, with just over 5 weeks to go, I have increased the target to £20k. Its a very difficult objective but I'll give it a go.....

Thank you all again. Michael


Michael Byrne, Byrne Group CEO, has decided to take on the challenge of swimming the Thames Marathon again, but with it has set himself two challenges. Firstly, he is attempting to raise £10,000 for the inspiring Caudwell Children Charity,  and secondly, to swim the 14km Thames Marathon in under 4 hours.

The Caudwell Children Charity aims to change the futures of all disabled children by providing access to services, equipment, therapies and treatments they need. Their vision is a world where all disabled children and their families have choice, opportunity, dignity and understanding. They act as a safety net for families who are unable to get the help they need.

If you would like to help Michael in the first part of his quest, you can contribute on his JustGiving page.

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