Tuesday 4 August 2009

Ellmer Wins Go Green Award

Making a commitment to protecting the environment and sharpening energy saving practices has won a Teddington business a sought-after Go Green Exceptional Achievement Award from Richmond Council.

The Council runs the awards to encourage firms in the borough to improve their environmental performance by cutting energy and water use, recycling waste and working towards minimisation targets.

The latest winner is Ellmer Construction in Teddington, which becomes only the second firm in the borough to reach the standard, after publishers Haymarket which reached the required level earlier this year.

Cllr Geoff Acton, Richmond Council's Cabinet Member for Environment, said: "Helping businesses to protect the environment and save money at the same time is one of the most important services the Council can provide during the recession". 

"I'm really pleased Ellmer has seen the benefits of energy efficiency and have noticed how much money they can keep hold of by making changes to the way they operate. As they are finding, the measures we are sharing work best if they are taken to heart and not just given lip service."

Ellmer, a member of the Byrne group of companies, has already received merit and advanced level awards which require improvements and extra savings through the process. The exceptional standard can only be won by businesses which show a real commitment to the environment across all activities through a recognised environmental management system. 

As part of the process of winning the awards, the organisation received a review from the Council which gave recommendations on improving its performance. Targets have now been set for reducing energy and water use. Ellmer has committed to reduce waste sent to landfill by half by 2012 and will be encouraging its suppliers to do the same. It has also committed to cutting energy usage by five per cent by 2010.

Michelle Tilley, Byrne Group's health, safety and environment director said: "We're pleased that work we have done to make our business more environmentally friendly has been recognised by the Council. Supporting the environment is an integral part of both Ellmer's and the Byrne Group and we have committed the whole business to it and the targets we have set ourselves will help to reduce our CO2 levels. In some cases they will also help to make us a more efficient business."

Central Saint Giles, London