Thursday 8 July 2010

Cutty Sark Renovation

Ellmer Construction has started work restoring wooden planks to the hull of the historic 19th century tea clipper, Cutty Sark, which was seriously damaged by a fire in 2007.

Ellmer will start work on re-fixing all the planks with the original bolts to the hull of the ship in time for it to re-open in 2011.

The hull planks were in varying degrees of decay following the fire and have since been removed from the ship to undergo carefully managed stages of detailed heritage. The client, Cutty Sark Enterprises, has tried to retain as much original material as possible.

The planks vary in size and are curved to follow the hull of the ship. They will be fixed to the iron 'skeleton' of the hull using nuts, bolts and washers. The bolt heads are recessed into the original holes of the planks.

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