Byrne Group’s ten-acre Consolidation Centre in South London provides innovative logistic solutions to successfully deliver projects with our unique just-in-time approach.

We are continually improving the infrastructure for the management of our vehicle fleet, plant, equipment, consumable and materials that aligns with Lean Construction Techniques at a business/regional level across Greater London and beyond.

The Consolidation Centre is used to provide plant, materials, warehouse and distribution facilities to our construction sites. The Centre’s unique solutions provide our operations with:

Reduced environmental impact – reduced vehicle journeys.

Improved productivity of delivery handling and loading/unloading.

Enhanced commercial arrangements – supply chain partners are able to provide a better service at lower cost.

Stronger health and safety performance – reduction of double handling of goods and materials, and consequential reduced risk on site.

Further pioneering techniques to improve our productivity, reducing by 25% the number of journeys per project and delivering 99% of our orders to the right place, in the right quantity and the right time, have been achieved because the Consolidation Centre adopts the following key principles:

Kanban Central Stores.

Web-enabled monitoring of assets, energy consumption and location.

The Consolidation Centre represents a considerable investment to support our projects. The Centre’s layout and supporting buildings have been reconfigured after detailed workflow analysis of our product usage.

The bulk storage areas retain our stock of scaffolding, falsework, shuttering, temporary works equipment, slip-form systems and concrete, placing equipment in a high security environment, and is used as an off-site preassembly area for our bespoke slip-form systems.