Paddington Crossrail

Paddington, London

The Crossrail Paddington Station takes the form of an underground box measuring 260m long, 25m wide and 25m deep, and is located directly under the existing Departures Road and Eastbourne Terrace on the west side of the Brunel designed station. A further level of excavation measuring 40m by 7m takes the excavation down another 5m to link the Station to the Bakerloo Line.

The Station Box is supported by Diaphragm walls at both ends of the box and on the long sides parallel to the Departures Road and Eastbourne Terrace. Byrne Bros. Structural Concrete Package, which amounts to £65m, constructed the Box using top down construction and utilised a complex temporary works propping system between Concourse and intermediate level.

The Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) constructed the running tunnels before the concourse to base slab excavation commenced. This involved breaking into the Tunnel rings through mole holes, whilst managing all the health & Safety issues, such as confined space working, that this work involved.

Construction has generated 160,000 cubic metre of excavation, 80,000 cubic metre of concrete and 15,000 tonnes of reinforcement.

Byrne Bros. achieved all the Key dates on the project, thus ensuring Eastbourne Terrace was returned to City of Westminster Council, and concourse slabs were fully constructed in time for Tunnel break-in.

Byrne Bros. introduced precast solutions for the majority of the architectural feature work, including the Domed Coffer units and the permanent props spanning between the perimeter diaphragm walls. This construction method ensured the quality of the product was fully controlled and provided programme savings by removing in-situ works and replacing it with precast units.


Paddington, London

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Costain / Skanska

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