Project Orion is the one of the UK’s largest science developments, located at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) in Aldermaston Berkshire. ‘Orion’ was an exciting, ambitious project to construct a world-leading laser science facility for the study of hot, dense matter. 

The £100m Orion facility, including associated office accommodation, meeting rooms and laboratories, is approximately 100 metres long, 60 metres wide, and 25 metres high.

Byrne Bros. were contracted to construct sub and superstructure concrete works for the project.

This included a 20m high target hall consisting of 1.5m thick concrete walls, a laser hall and office area. Byrne Bros. successfully delivered the project whilst achieving the required stringent tolerances and technical requirements.



Main Contractor

M + W Zander FE UK ltd

Structural Engineer

Buro Hapold

Bicester Village

Bicester, Oxon