1 Bank Street


The project consists of a triple basement and a superstructure 28 storeys in height, where a large slipformed core forms a significant part of the building footprint. The finished building will provide 60,400m2 net internal floor area, with the overall building height 145m above ground, and the basement 16m below ground.

The project has a concrete requirement of 52000m3, and a reinforcement requirement of 7650 tonnes. The 160m high slipformed core is founded at B3 on a 3m to 6m deep ground bearing raft slab within the challenging ground conditions of the Lambeth group. This core base slab is comprised of over 2000 tonnes of reinforcement and 5000m3 of concrete alone.

1 Bank Street is a high specification commercial development in the Canary Wharf estate, near the Heron Quay DLR station.

The project is partially located within a reclaimed dock and, as such, the southern perimeter of the grade 2 reinforced concrete basement acts as a water retaining dock wall.

The duration for the complete construction of the substructure and reinforced concrete slipformed core is 38 weeks, with restricted working hours due to the close proximity of local residencies.



Main Contractor

Canary Wharf Contractors

Structural Engineer


BBC TV Centre

White City, London