Project NEWS

Thursday 5 November 2020

Wood Wharf Phase 2a - Progress Update

Congratulations to the team at our Wood Wharf Project in Canary Wharf on completing the Earthworks Package. The team is now focused on finishing the 9000m2 basement box envelope and taking it to ground floor level.

Byrne Bros self-delivered the groundworks package a venture which saw the removal of over 2,400 loads of spoil. The Project team made the most of the good weather during the summer period and completed the ground works ahead of programme in doing so mitigating the 7-week Covid-19 lockdown.

An additional milestone was reached by completing the B2 Level slab, this has resulted in the pouring of over 16,000m3 of concrete with a weekly average of 500m3.

All this was made possible through the collaborative approach adopted by the Wood Wharf team and we would like to thank Canary Wharf Contractors and our extensive supply chain for all their assistance and dedication along the way.

The focus is now on reaching ground floor and the phased dismantling of the four Tower Cranes the first of which was removed last week – one down, three to go!

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