Tuesday 1 February 2011

Safety at the UKs tallest

For 18 years One Canada Square, more commonly known as the Canary Wharf tower, has dominated the London skyline and held the title of Britain's tallest building.

However, as 2010 came to a close it fell into second place behind Byrne Bros's latest high-profile project The Shard London Bridge.

As the building broke records, the installation began of the 40 bespoke screens fitted between levels 39-69 that protect both the workforce at high level and the prevention of FOD - foreign object debris - from falling from height. Assembled at Byrne Bros's pre-cast facility in East London, the screens measure up to six metres in width and high-level preparation includes the installation of support shoes carried out by operatives that are harnessed and hooked onto a leading edge running line.

By the time it is due to be finished in 2012 The Shard London Bridge will tower 1,017 feet into the sky and be the tallest building in the European Union.

2010 Sustainability Award