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Tuesday 4 October 2016

Paddington Crossrail Quality Award

Byrne Bros. is proud to announce that Malcolm Simpkin, one of our Quality Managers, has been awarded a Quality Management Award for his tireless efforts to deliver on the Paddington Crossrail project.

He has been recognised by the Crossrail and Costain Skanska JV team for his outstanding determination and professionalism in achieving assurance across all Byrne Bros. reinforced concrete works throughout the Paddington Crossrail project, within a month of completion of our works.

“Malcolm has been a stalwart member of the Byrne Bros. Quality Assurance team for some time at Paddington and his effort has not just been over the last few months, but over the last year and longer to get to this position”

 Donald Houston Byrne Bros. Director

Paddington Crossrail Project

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