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Thursday 21 July 2016

Health & Safety Manager of the Year Award 2015/16

We are pleased to announce that John Horgan is this year’s winner of Ellmer’s Safety Manager of the Year Award.

John has received this award for his hard work in making the Young Street Project a safe construction site through his proactive and innovative approach to managing what is fast becoming one of Ellmer’s flagship sites. John thanked his driven site team for their hard work and in particular the dedication and commitment of Carl Clash to maintain excellent health & safety practices across the site.

“ I am delighted to present the annual Ellmer Health & Safety Award to John. It is clear to see that morale on site is high and there is an obvious mutual respect between the Ellmers team and sub-contractors with whom he has established strong working partnership to develop and maintain a high standard of safety culture.

The site is visually outstanding and he has devised incentives that have established excellent relationships with both local businesses and residents.”

Robert Pincham, Ellmer Managing Director

Robert Pincham presented John with his award on the Young Street site with the Byrne Group Health & Safety Team.

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