Tuesday 3 August 2010

Dyslexia Action Support

Guinness World Record Attempt to break the number of people playing a game of ?Hide and Seek?!

Byrne Group will be supporting Dyslexia Action when the charity tries to break a Guinness World Record on 26 September.

Dyslexia Action is anticipating to hold the largest game of Hide and Seek at the National Physical Laboratory Social Club at Bushy Park, Teddington, Middlesex.

Dyslexia is often described as a hidden disability because of the barriers to educational achievement and future opportunities it can cause.

Its Me where ME stands for My Education, is an exciting new appeal that has just been launched by Dyslexia Action. It aims to generate awareness about dyslexia and literacy difficulties but through the voices of the real people affected and to ensure that more people are able to access the help and support they need.

Dyslexia may be a hidden disability but as a charity that improves lives through education, Dyslexia Action does not want it to be a hidden cause; anyone of any age is entitled to be able to access an education.

Dyslexia Action?s attempt to break a world record, which is being supported by the UK?s leading science and research facility NPL, leading public service provider Amey, community support group teamintellident and local construction company Byrne Group PLC, will aim to raise awareness about dyslexia and literacy difficulties by raising the profile of its new Its ME! Appeal.

This is a family event and anyone of any age is welcome to take part. All those wishing to participate MUST register their details online via the Appeal?s website. Places are limited and will be awarded to those who register first. Registration will be open until all places are filled or until it is closed on September 19th 2010. All those who have successfully been awarded a place will be notified straight away and will receive full details via e-mail in advance of the event.

All players must comply with the rules and regulations of the Guinness World Record attempt and all other terms and conditions set by Dyslexia Action and NPL?s visitors? regulations.

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