Monday 3 June 2013

Byrne Group appoints Michael Byrne as group chief executive

Byrne Group PLC has appointed Michael Byrne (aged 40) as group chief executive with immediate effect.

Following the death of Patsy Byrne business continuity plans were initiated to ensure a seamless transition in leadership. Johnny Byrne, Patsy’s brother and co-founder of Byrne Group, will continue in his capacity of chairman of the board.

Tony Dowle, Byrne Group’s managing director, said: ”The shareholders and directors of Byrne Group plc have appointed Michael Byrne, Patsy Byrne’s eldest son, as group chief executive with immediate effect.

“Michael has been actively involved with the business for nearly 20 years, working like his father from the ground up, and he’s been a director within the business since 2005.

“Staff and colleagues are delighted that the Byrne name continues to be at the helm of the business but it is the combined strength, depth and expertise of those colleagues that will ensure that the business continues to grow and remain strong and robust.

“Michael has committed to work alongside everyone for the future success of the business and importantly to continuing with the culture and values that Patsy and the Byrne family have always maintained and that have set Byrne Group and its various trading companies apart for many years.”

Michael Byrne said: “The Byrne family is naturally devastated at the loss of Patsy, a husband, father and grandfather; a great man who touched the lives of so many people.

“On behalf of my family and myself, I would like to thank the construction industry and the racing world for the tremendous amount of support we’ve received since my father’s passing. It makes you proud to be associated with the industry and the sport that my father loved so much. They have many wonderful and colourful characters and my father was one of them.

“Patsy was a man who planned for the future and I am honoured to be appointed group chief executive of the Byrne Group. Like Patsy before me, I am fully committed to working tirelessly alongside all my colleagues to build upon the existing success and culture of this great business.” 

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