Tuesday 3 November 2009

Byrne Bros. Powerful Pump

Byrne Bros. brings most powerful concrete pump to UK

Concrete formwork specialist Byrne Bros. has taken delivery of the country's largest and most powerful concrete pump, the only one of its kind in the UK, from Schwing.

The SP8800 is the new flagship pump of the Schwing range of portable concrete pumps. It is a high performance concrete pump and is capable of producing 243bar of concrete pressure and is driven by a powerful 440kW, 17-litre engine. The pump stands at more than three metres in height and eight metres long, making it the biggest pump available from any manufacturer. It is capable of pumping more than 90m3 of concrete per hour.

A similar concrete pump was used in the construction of the Taipei 101 tower in Taiwan which, at 509 metres, is one of the world's tallest buildings. 

Byrne Bros. has been trialling the pump in partnership with Schwing and will use it during the construction of the UK's tallest building, the Shard London Bridge, which will be 310 metres high when completed in 2011.

Aran Verling at Byrne Bros. said: "The purchase of the Schwing SP8800, the largest concrete pump in the country, demonstrates Byrne Bros' commitment to innovation, investment and customer service. Bringing a pump of this type to the UK for the first time gives us a greater ability to deliver an improved service on 'supertall' structures."

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