Sunday 3 February 2013

BCI awards winner

The British Construction Industry (BCI) has awarded Byrne Group the product Design Innovation Award for its new false work release.

Developed, prototyped, patented and rolled out over the last two years, the tool was developed after the HSE issued prohibition notices relating to noise to several contractors and increased its focus on occupational health.

The only tool of its kind in the construction industry, it overcomes the health and safety issues associated with striking the false work needed for concrete structures and can be used on projects world wide.

Any building of more than one storey constructed using concrete needs false work to support the reinforced concrete load above it as it sets. Releasing the load from the falsework is usually involves great difficulty and risk,because the load has exerted extreme pressure on the falsework. The adjustable screw collars on the falsework jacks require a large force - a torque of typically 800Newton metres - to turn them and release the load above.

This force is traditionally achieved by a series of loud and dangerous hammer swings, usually above 90dB, compromising workers' hearing, damaging costly equipment, and generating noise levels that affect nearby operatives and disturb site neighbours.

Aran Verling, Executive Director at Byrne Group, said: "As part of our commitment to innovation and higher standards, we have designed, tested and patented a tool to turn the collar, using a bespoke electrical unit to create a hydraulic torque of up to 1,000 Newton metres.

"The new tool eliminates risk of hearing damage to site personnel through striking while reducing site noise pollution and damage to the falsework system. Collars can be reused, cutting down on materials, resources and waste without increasing labour resources. Each tool gives 10 years' service and itis already brining an enormous benefit to our teams on site".

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